For Families, Individuals, and Estates

Wesch Financial LLC. provides families, individuals, and estates with a wide range of services.  Whether you need help filing your taxes, saving for college, or  saving for retirement we can help.  We provide the following services.

Comprehensive Planning - We will help you plan to achieve your goals.  It may be a single goal, several goals, or multi-generational planning. 



Wealth Management/Investing - Whether you need a review of your current investments or a plan to manage your savings we can help.  We can work with you to evaluate the tax ramifications of different types of investment vehicles and the investments themselves.  

Tax Preparation and Planning - We can prepare your tax return and help you plan to minimize your tax obligations.

Representation for IRS and State Audits - If you're being audited, we can help, we represent our clients to minimize your obligations when you're audited.

Insurance - We can review your insurance and determine where you may have too much or too little. We work to help our clients have the right amounts and the right types.  Whether it is life, disability, or other kinds of insurance we can help.